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“We create high quality and cost-effective solutions for our customers as our dynamic team has full access to state-of-the-art machinery and an international network of companies.”

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The high pressure die casting process offers ideal conditions for the economic manufacture of precise castings with a high surface quality.

We primarily cast silicon tombac, pure copper, brass and aluminium for customers in the lock and fitting industry, the electronics and automotive industries in addition to general mechanical engineering.

The Odlewy Precyzyjne Sp. z o o. Sp.k. is the only company in Eastern Europe that is able to produce silicon tombac of quality grade 1.

Especially in high pressure die casting at over 1000°C we are technology leaders. High pressure die casting at temperatures of over 1000°C is remarkable as the same steel moulds are used again and again, even though these moulds melt at temperatures of approx. 1500°C. Thanks to over 50 years of experience of our competence network in this field, we succeed in delaying the heat-related wear to the mould at such high temperatures, and we also manage to efficiently repair once worn-out moulds. This know-how allows us to combine excellent casting properties with an extremely economical production process, all to the benefit of our customers.

Our great production depth and exceptional innovation expertise differentiate us from our competitors. The company’s commitment to these objectives is seen in the high demand for scientific education and training among our engineers and management and, not least in the substantial investment volume we have made over the past years. Today you will find the Odlewy Precyzyjne Sp. z o o. Sp.k. one of the most modern foundry companies on the market and an efficient partner for solving your tasks.


The Odlewy Precyzyjne Sp. z o o. Sp.k. is fully integrated into the supply chain of their European partner companies and thus has extensive and flexible possibilities to find high quality and economical solutions for our customers.

This makes us strong: All the steps involved in the production of our products are carried out in the international company group. Direct access to all departments guarantees us lasting quality and flexibility.


In order to verifiably confirm our quality claims, together with our European partners, we have the possibility to deliver castings according to

  • Quality Management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015
  • Environmental Management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015
  • Energy Management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 : 2018

We focus on our customers’ requirements and expectations and aim to fulfil these promptly. Our business relations are founded on our customers’ trust in our high quality standard. In order to achieve our environmental targets, we regularly investigate and evaluate the impact and benefits of our products and production processes as regards the environment. We cultivate an ecological awareness among our employees and utilise the most modern technologies in order to protect the environment on a sustainable basis. One of our environmental objectives is to improve our energy-related performance systematically and for the long term.