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Copper alloys in die casting

We cast all common alloys based on copper in the high pressure die-casting process. In particular, we are specialized in the processing of our alloy silicon tombac (CuZn16Si4).

High strength and ductility

New possibilities in high pressure die casting: Silicon tombac is the construction material with the highest strength that can be economically cast using the high pressure die casting process. This alloy is very suitable for thin-walled and heavy-duty structural parts.

Regardless of whether you require one single part or several million parts, we will find the optimal solution for you depending on the quantity required.

Pressure die casting using silicon tombac is more economical than the very complex process for steel investment casting. High pressure die casting using silicon tombac achieves significantly greater solidity when compared to aluminium or zinc high pressure die casting. In addition, it enables series production of thin-walled and heavy-duty construction parts. Tolerance ranges of ±0.05 mm are achievable in casting. Narrower tolerance ranges can be achieved in-house using subsequent fine blanking or CNC processing.




Price per unit-+++
Tool costs+++none
Processing time+++-

Silicon tombac opens up new possibilities

Silicon tombacAluminumZincunalloyed steelStainless steel
ProcedureDie castingDie castingDie castingPrecision castingPrecision casting
Tensile strength Rm in N/mm²500240-310280-350410-450450-650
Yield strength Rp 0.2 in N/mm²300140-240220-250200-210175-200
Elongation at break A in %80,5-0,32-52530
Density in kg/dm³8,32,76,77,97,9
Hardness in HB13080-12085-105140130-200
Corrosion resistanceyesnononoyes
Emergency running characteristicsyeslimitedlimitednono
mechanical workabilityvery goodvery goodgoodgoodbad
Thermal treatmentnononoyesyes

Silicon tombac demonstrates high corrosion resistance.

  • In the salt spray test in accordance with DIN 50021, there is discoloration but no corrosion even after 1,064 hours!*

*not applicable in an ammonia atmosphere.

Further properties of silicon tombac:

  • Excellent friction-bearing properties; in particular also in same material pairings
  • Heat resistance up to +200 °C constant, up to -200 °C a slight increase in solidity.

Tool wear is high when working at casting temperatures of 1,100 °C. The high pressure die casting moulds are therefore manufactured in such a way as to be extremely solid and to withstand the extreme conditions of production for as long as possible. Nonetheless, the availability of one’s own modern mould making facility is a prerequisite for the effective maintenance of the moulds.

We develop specific solutions in consultation with our customers’ design engineers. We manufacture according to your individual specifications. Silicon tombac is used in particular in machine and plant engineering, lock and fitting technology in addition to in the automotive and electrical industries. Thanks to copper’s antimicrobial properties, it has also been possible to tap into a further field of application, namely medical technology.

When the keyword “high pressure die casting” is mentioned, this is often associated with the processing of aluminium, zinc or magnesium. These materials are processed at comparatively low casting temperatures (< 700 °C) and are characterised by low strength levels. A material’s strength often grows as the melting temperature increases; so too for silicon tombac. We benefit from the high material strength of silicon tombac, while at the same time maintaining the economic advantages of the high pressure die casting process. Silicon tombac is also known under the name of OLKUSIL.


Gravity die casting process

In addition to the die casting process, we also cast silicon tombac, brass and copper using the gravity die casting process.

High pressure die casting is particularly suitable for thin-walled components with a high required accuracy of reproduction. Gravity die casting process is usually used for voluminous components with a comparatively large casting weight.

Silicon tombacBrassCopper
Designation DIN EN 1982
CuZn16Si4-CCuZn38Al-C Cu-C
Tensile strength Rm in N/mm²500380150
Yield strength Rp 0.2 in N/mm²30013040
Breaking strain A in %83025
Hardness in HB1307540
Electrical conductivity in MS/m312>50
Density in kg/dm³8,38,38,9
Melting range in °C950-1000900-950 1083

Mechanical Reworking

accuracy deburring on high speed presses

Druckgussteile auf einen Haufen

We deburr and punch our cast parts every few seconds with a tolerance of +/- 0.01 mm.

In addition, we also carry out deburring and punching operations of provided parts on behalf of the customer. In coordination with the customer, the necessary trimming tools are designed and manufactured.

Drilling and threading on precise and fast machines

Bohren und Gewindeschneiden

We process our castings on state-of-the-art drilling and tapping machines in-house.

  • drilling
  • cutting
  • threading
  • rubbing

In addition, we also carry out mechanical processing of provided parts on behalf of the customer. In coordination with the customer, the necessary pneumatic processing equipment is designed and manufactured.